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Private Personal Training/Coaching Sessions Available

We will discuss some or all of the following components of running:

  • Benefits to excel in other running oriented sports and activities
  • Conditioning - through weight training, cross training and plyometrics
  • Form - foot strike, arm motion and body alignment
  • Flexibility - including dynamic flexibility drills, foam rolling and static stretching
  • Nutrition - eat to train and race, including hydration
  • Equipment - shoes and the best clothing to deal with the challenges of each season
  • Training - weekly mileage, frequency of training, intensity of workouts, running surfaces and REST
  • Racing Strategy - find out what style matches your ability and personality
  • Recovery - between sessions, after races and between seasons
  • Speed vs Quickness

Fee: Individual sessions with Coach Bob are available for $100- per 1 hour session. Group rates begin at $125 per 1 hour session and vary depending on the size of the group. 

*** Individual sessions also available with some of our other carefully selected and qualified coaches at a lower rate. If interested, please speak to Bob about matching your child up with a great coach for him or her.


For more information, email

or call 732-492-6436.